Friday, 10 January 2014

Ply Bond/ Scott Bond

The inner Bond Strength of paper or paperboard also known as Ply Bond Strength or Z Directional Strength is the capability of the product to oppose splitting when a tensile weight is applied through the paper’s thickness i.e. in the Z direction of the sheet.
The inner bond strength is frequently resolute on high fastener coated Fine papers, offset papers and for multiply papers e.g. crest liner of carton board or abrasive paper used to form belts in grinding machines. One meticulous application is shaping the ply bond strength of “Peel able” 
The inter-layer strength of the paperboard, measured on Scott Bond Tester, expressed in J/m2. In paper, it is a measure of the internal strength of the sheet. 

Goodrich Agrochem’s new age Grafted Bio Polymer for Kraft paper / liner board
& writing / printing / news printing paper industries  helps in improving the ply-bonding strength of paper.

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